Mobile Weigh Bridge

Intelligent Weight Bridge Terminal

Globle Weigh Solutions Inc. Mobile weighbridge needs no foundation. It has smooth hard surface on which the load cell plates rest. This saves lots of cost and time. While the Standard weighbridge foundation and installation takes 2-3 months , Our Mobile weighbridges can be installed in 2 hours. These weighbridges can also be shifted to another site easily. The modular design helps in easy cost effective transportation and re-installation.

These are steel fabricated modular platform supplied complete with ramps. The top plate is steel checkered. Machine comes with the bottom frame which is steel fabricated. The load cells are installed between the bottom frame and the top frame. The bottom frame substitutes the traditional foundation. The bottom frame just needs a smooth hard surface on which it rests.

  • Needs no foundation
  • Installation in hours
  • Modular Design- Machine supplied complete with platform, bottom frame and ramps
  • Can be shifted to an other site easily
  • Keeps vigil on costly materials
  • Saves time and cost
  • Most suited for temporary sites

Technical Specifications
Platform Size Capacity No. of Platform Modules No. of Load Cells
8 x 3 m 40t/50t 1 4
12 x 3 m 50t/60t 2 6
16 x 3 m 60t/80t/100t 3 8
18 x 3 m 60t/80t/100t 3 8